Ferryside Rant: May 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

Save Ferryside Surgery - and improve it!

With the imminent retirement of Dr David Jenkins there is a risk that the surgery will cease to exist in Ferryside.

The Carmarthenshire Local Health Board has written to patients setting out its opinion and inviting comments from patients. The LHB claims that "in view of the small number of patients registered" (approximately 900) it would be very difficult to recruit another doctor. This is hard to believe with the recent reports of average GP salaries being £100,000 a year and junior doctors crying out for jobs! I suspect it is more about the LHB centralising services to cut costs.

The only options which the LHB propose are:

1. Dispersal of Ferryside patients to neighbouring practices;


2. Other GP practices in the area would be invited to run the practice as a branch surgery in Ferryside.

The deadline for the consultation is 25 June 2007 and it is essential that we all make our views known. We must maintain a surgery in Ferryside. The elderly and those without cars would find it very difficult to attend medical appointments in Kidwelly or Carmarthen.

Although everyone has been grateful for a surgery in the village, the services provided have been limited and the general administration has been appalling. It is not uncommon to wait an hour simply to collect prescribed medicines! With an elderly population it is desirable to provide a blood monitoring service in the local surgery. Whoever takes over should immediately consult patients on areas for improvement.