Ferryside Rant: December 2006

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Let's Go Organic

Organics To Go supply a range of fresh, seasonal, organic fruit and vegetables together with organic eggs, cheeses and marmalade. They grow vegetables on 20 acres of converted organic land and in large polytunnels at Golden Grove in Carmarthenshire. They also harvest fruit from a two acre orchard and market produce from eight regional organic growers.

Both conventional and organic farming are under threat because of the power of the supermarkets which push down prices by 'sourcing globally' and by playing farmer off against farmer. You can help resist this trend by suppporting OTG and get some great fruit and vegetables delivered to your door.

You can find out more at http://www.organicstogo.info .

Ferryside & Global Warming

Many homes in Ferryside are in the flood plain so global warming is an issue which we cannot ignore. Have you noticed the number of gas guzzling 4X4s running around Ferryside? It's time these people woke up to reality!

We all need to do our bit to cut carbon emissions whether car use, air flights or domestic heating and electricity consumption. Ecotricity is a small electricity supply company which is investing heavily in wind power. It is very easy to switch from SWALEC or whoever currently supplies your electricity. You can find out more at http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/ .

Anti-social bonfires

Who are these people who light bonfires in Ferryside forcing neighbours to close windows, bring in washing and clear away all the muck falling on their property? They don't seem to care a jot about the environment or their neighbours. I guess that some of them are blokes who get a juvenile kick out of lighting fires. Now that the fortnightly collection by the council makes it so easy to dispose of garden waste these bonfires are completely unnecessary. My neighbour may be a community councillor but his habit of burning garden rubbish seems thoughtless and irresponsible to me. This kind of anti-social behaviour seems to be accepted in the village but it definitely spoils my enjoyment of the garden in the summer. Isn't it time that such people showed more consideration for others?

Worst meal ever - Gwenllian Court Hotel

Recently we deserted our regular haunt to have a light lunch at the Gwenllian Court Hotel near Kidwelly. What a mistake - it was the worst meal I have ever encountered anywhere in the world! You might think that everybody in Wales knows how to make a proper cawl but obviously not the "chef" at the Gwenllian. It consisted of a stock with a few hints of vegetable to which had been added the toughest "lamb" on the planet.

I suggest the chef looks for a proper recipe. You can find a good one at http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/mid/sites/food/pages/cawlcennin.shtml .